Our History

Since 2002, City Ministry Network (CMN) has purposed to be a catalyst in inspiring, connecting and mobilizing people toward good work toward the transformation of Modesto’s neighborhoods . Modesto’s faith community has shown signs of fragmentation for many years. Due to that perception a handful of Christian community leaders gathered together in the winter of 2002 to prayerfully discern what could possibly happen if the faith community came together in practical ways for neighborhood transformation. With this goal in mind, CMN was conceived.

City Ministry Network (CMN) became a federally-approved entity, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, in April, 2005. The first board meeting was held in June, 2005, and almost immediately, there were opportunities to expand the ministry’s positive influence. CMN, through a philosophy of prayerfully building trusting relationships between people, has grown to be a trusted voice in the community.

To learn more about CMN, click here to read a recent article from the Modesto Bee. CMN is also a member of the Christian Community Development Association.

Our Vision

A Message from God-of-the-Angel-Armies:
“Old men and old women will come back to Jerusalem (Modesto),
sit on benches on the streets and spin tales, move around safely with
their canes, a good city to grow old in. And boys and girls will fill
the public parks, laughing and playing—a good city to grow up in.”
Zechariah 8.4-5 (MSG)

Our Mission

“Because God loves the world, CMN exists to strengthen the capacity of our neighborhood and community influencers to act together as catalysts for community transformation.”

Our Initiative

Acting as a Catalyst for City Transformation we will…

  • Strengthen the capacity of our neighborhood and community influencers to act together for community transformation.
  • Provide opportunities for Personal and Professional knowledge and skill development.
  • Provide opportunities for Connecting and Relationship Building with other like-minded influencers.
  • Provide opportunities for Spiritual Support and Relational Encouragement.
  • Intentional Outreach and Education to broader Community
  • Provide a Prayerful Community to cover these influencers and the greater mission fo City Ministry Network.


Our Governing Board is comprised of government, business and community leaders:

  • Rev. Marvin Jacobo, Executive Director
  • President, John Britton, Retired Farmer, Community Member
  • Vice President, Ruben Imperial, Community Member
  • Secretary, John Grover, Community Member, Impact A Life International Founder/CEO
  • Treasure, Rev. Joe Duran, Vice President, Self-Help Credit Union
  • Cindy Marks, Community Member, Pray Modesto
  • Cheryl Van Horn, Community Member, Vine House Ministries
  • Kourtney Kauffman, Family Concern Counseling, Community Member
  • Mike Gunnarson, Redeemer Church Modesto
  • Scott Miller, Big Valley Grace Church Modesto
  • Marc Garcia, Program Manager, Community Member
  • Sally Olsen, Bookkeper, Community Member

Our Participants

As of July 2017

  • Total participants: 1300
  • Churches: 265
  • Individual Pastors: 263
  • Non-Profit Organizations: 116
  • Non-Profit Leaders: 326
  • Business Community: 177
  • Public Service Officials: 150
  • Neighborhood Alliance Leaders: 38
  • Neighborhood Alliances: 16