Royal Family Kids Modesto (RFKC)


RFKC-Modesto is a non-profit organization that offers a week long summer camp experience to children who have suffered abuse, abandonment or neglect in their lives.  Starting with one summer camp in Southern California, RFK has grown into an international organization, offering 183 camps in 2013! The mission statement behind RFK is to create life-changing moments for children of abuse.  Our aim is to mobilize the faith based community to confront child abuse.

RFKC campers experience life changing moments at camp through experiences with their camp counselors and support staff.  RFK has three main values.  We Treat People Royally, Make Moments Matter, and Keep Moving Forward.  

RFKC Modesto is always looking for more volunteers to help in many ways.  For more information about the organization, visit  To get involved or receive more information about our local camp in Modesto, contact Kristi Hansen at Wellspring Anglican Church, 209.525.3600 or visit

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