Safe Harbor Family Services Inc


Safe Harbor Family Services, Inc., is a state-licensed foster family agency that

  • Recruits and trains foster parents
  • Assesses the child’s needs and matches them with the most suitable foster family
  • Provides support and information to the foster family and child
  • Ensures the child is safe and healthy and benefits from the foster family’s care
  • Informs the placing social worker of the child’s status and ongoing service needs

Safe Harbor was founded by Executive Director Bill Meenk in 2006.

Its mission is to provide a safe environment where children from hard places can heal, experience the love and security of a committed family and prepare for a more positive future.

Children enter foster care due to parental abuse and neglect.  Nationwide, there are nearly half a million children in foster care at any given time and California leads with the largest number.  According to 2005 statistics, children placed into foster homes were able to return to their birth families about half the time.  In cases where family reunification wasn’t an option, 60% of children who were adopted were adopted by their foster parents.

Safe Harbor is looking for families who will support the family reunification process but will also make a commitment to the child or children in need of long-term foster care, adoption or legal guardianship.  Right now the greatest need in foster care is for families who will welcome sibling groups, teens and children with special needs (emotional, medical, educational).

For more information, call (209) 491-5400, or visit our website at

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