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Cancer Care Leaders Network

Children’s Ministries Network

  • Quarterly Gathering (Wednesday, Noon)
  • Contact Lisa DeMont

Christian Counselors Network

Foster Care/Adoption Leaders Network (FACT)

Jobs Cohort (South Modesto)

Market Leaders Network (Pinnacle Forum)

  • By invitation small group meetings throughout the week
  • Contact Mark Vasche

Neighborhood Leaders Network

Pastors Network

Pastor Wives Network

Physicians, Nurses & Health Care Workers Volunteer Clinics

Poor & Homeless Outreach Network

Recovery Modesto Network

Special Needs Leaders Network

Worship Leaders Network

Youth Pastors Network

There are multiple ways for you (your family, friends, small group, church, business, service club, neighborhood, etc.) to get involved in our community. You certainly can not do them all, but find one, two or more ways in which you and those you have influence with can be a part and be a “catalyst” for good in Modesto!

Love Modesto
Visit and
Contact Jeff Pishney

Pray Modesto
Sign up to weekly pray
for Modesto
Direct inquiries to Pray Modesto

Recovery Modesto
Recovery groups and resources
Contact Scott Miller