Catalyst is a monthly gathering of influencers in our Modesto area who believe we can make the biggest difference in our community by together growing trusting relationships and working together.

We are Christian faith-based and are welcoming for the willing to come and contribute to the health and well being of the citizens of our city.

Catalyst provides a relational connecting point for our city’s diverse leadership. Meeting at The Pavilion (1301 12th St, Modesto) the first Thursday of every month, Catalyst provides tools and resources needed for those in leadership positions to strengthen themselves and their circles of influence. Come to a Catalyst gathering and you will be sharpened by people from the seven pillars of community influence: Arts and Entertainment, Business, Education, Family, Government, Media, the Church.

There are multiple ways for you and others to get involved in our community. You certainly can not do them all, but find one, two or more ways in which you and those you have influence with can be a part and be a “catalyst” for good in Modesto!

Upcoming Catalysts Gatherings

1st Thursday Every Month 7-8:10am
Family Life Pavilion 1301 12th St, Modesto
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Testimonials & Endorsements

Nothing has taught me more about the needs of our city and those leading the movement than the monthly Catalyst meetings. If you want to be involved in the conversation about making Modesto a better place, this is where you need to be.
-Eric Jung, Gelper

“The Catalyst Gatherings are a great opportunity to learn and network. Every month we hear a speaker talk about a relevant topic to our community. Throughout the meeting we also get to learn more about each other and the work we’re doing to make Modesto a better place to live.”
~ Christopher Scott, United Way of Stanislaus County

“There is nothing better, for me, than fellowshipping with and learning from so many Godly men and women all under one roof.” — Pam Dumas, Modesto Gospel Mission

Catalyst is a great opportunity to network with caring Christians and gain useful insights and tools for service. — Jerry Johnson Safe Families for Children and Koinonia Family Services

“I never would have been able to get to know the amount and variety of wonderful people and organizations if I had not been coming to the Catalyst Gatherings. Each time is a new experience of meeting people and connecting them with great organizations throughout Stanislaus County – not just Modesto.”
— Chris Bunow – Pursuit of Truth Church